Double Eagle M904g M4 With Falcon Fire Control System

Double Eagle M904g M4 With Falcon Fire Control System



Double Eagle


The Double Eagle Honey Badger (M904g) features an Alloy outer barrel assembly offering a strong core, coupled with reinforced Nylon Polymers for the rest of the externals. Together these materials offer a tough but lightweight (2kg) overall build - making it the perfect choice for getting stuck in.

This M4 replica features Double Eagles latest creation, the FALCON EFCS fire control system. Usually only seen in custom builds and high end AEGs this feature is a welcome addition, allowing for 1-5 round burst mode and a bump fire trigger, as well as various gun and battery protection features.

The 1-5 round burst mode and bump fire settings can also be set at the same time, with bump-fire being used in semi-auto mode, and burst-fire replacing the full auto mode. The fire control system is designed to be used with 7.4v Li-Po and 11.1v Li-Po and prevents the replica from firing when the battery is too low or has any issues, which protects your weapon.

The EFCS fire system is configurable using simple trigger pulls and requires no external tools, special adaptors or a PC to function.

The Double Eagle Honey Badger replica is also fully ambidextrous, with an ambidextrous fire select and magazine release - something you don't see too often in Airsoft M4 replicas. The fire select is even raised to make it easier to select your fire mode even when wearing gloves. The mock charging handle is also ambidextrous, as well as the stock adjustment release buttons, with sling loop to the rear. The large block, where the buffer tube traditionally would be, doubles up as the battery storage compartment, making it perfect for a PEQ style 11.1v LiPo battery.

If you're looking to modify the furniture on the gun you have plenty of options, with a full top length 20mm RIS / RAS rail for attaching red dots, holographic sights, and even large sight and scope set ups, as well as an MLOK hand-guard for attaching modular components. If you prefer a different stock style you can remove the stock and replace with an alternative. You can also remove the front flash hider, allowing you to add a suppressor or tracer unit.

In the box you receive the Double Eagle M904g Airsoft replica, a 300rnd High Capacity magazine, and instructions. You will also find a battery adaptor to allow deans batteries to be used if preferred, a magazine winding key and replacement deans connector should you want to re-wire the replica straight to deans.

This AEG is great for those Airsoft Skirmishers who are looking for a high end gun, without the high end price. With plenty of scope for external upgrades, and an electronic control system in place, this Airsoft replica boasts features desired by pretty much every Airsoft player.


  • Features Double Eagles brand new FALCON Electronic Gearbox Design
  • Based on the M4 / AR Platform
  • Electric powered Airsoft AEG
  • Honey Badger CQB Stock
  • Compatible with 7.4v and 11.1v batteries
  • FALCON EFCS Gearbox and Battery Protection
  • 1-5 Shot Burst-Fire selection mode
  • Trigger sensitivity adjustment
  • Bump fire trigger mode
  • Bump mode for semi-auto trigger mode
  • MLOK handguard
  • Removable flash hider
  • Mock charging handle which pulls back to reveal the hop-up unit
  • Mock bolt release which releases the mock bolt plate
  • Mock ambidextrous bolt release
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Integrated receiver QD Sling loop mount points
  • Radial adjustable hop-up unit for accuracy and precision
  • Straight, flat trigger
  • Flared trigger guard
  • Raised fire select switch for easy use even with gloves
  • Textured ergonomic pistol grip
  • Adjustable motor screw height
  • Flip up removable ironsights for 20mm RIS/RAS rail
  • Full top length 20mm RIS / RAS rail
  • Removable flash hider secured by grub screw
  • Three position adjustable PDW style tactical stock
  • Rubberised butt plate
  • Branded:
    • 'FALCON Fire Control System'
    • 'DE AIRSOFT'

Package Includes:

  • M904 Honey Badger w/ Fire Control System Edition
  • Magazine
  • Instruction Manual
  • Tamiya to Deans connector
  • Deans Female Connector
  • Magazine Winding Key

Special Instructions:

IMPORTANT The Double Eagle Honey Badger replica's EFCS system is only compatible with 7.4v LiPo and 11.1v LiPo, and is not compatible with LiFe or NiMh batteries.

Please note that both bump fire and burst modes can be set, as bump fire is applied to semi, and 1-5 fire mode is applied to full auto.


FALCON EFCS Protection Feature

Gearbox Protection

When the current is too high or abnormal the power supply on the EFCS will disconnect to protect the motor and battery, and the motor will vibrate three times.

If the voltage of the battery is too high the EFCS power supply will automatically disconnect and the motor will vibrate two times.

Battery Protection

The FALCON is compatible with 7.4v and 11.1v LiPo battery only, with an operating voltage between 6-13v. If the voltage is too low or too high the power supply will be cut. 

When using an 11.1v LiPo the low voltage protection system will notify the user via 5 vibrations, indicating the batteries voltage is too low to be used.

Vibration Description

  • 1 - Power On
  • 2 - System Error
  • 3 - Voltage too high
  • 5 - Low Voltage

Falcon Electronic Fire Control System

1-5 Shot Mode

  • Set the fire select to SAFE.
  • Pull the trigger and hold for 3 seconds to enter programming mode, and release when the motor makes a sound.
  • Pull the trigger once and release to enter 1-5 shot programming mode, release when the motor makes a sound.
  • Pull the trigger 1-5 times depending on the amount of shots you want a single trigger pull to make.
  • Set the fire select to full auto.

Trigger Sensitivity

  • Set the fire select to SAFE.
  • Pull the trigger and hold for 3 seconds to enter programming mode, and release when the motor makes a sound.
  • Pull the trigger twice and release to enter sensitivity programming mode, release when the motor makes a sound.
  • Pull the trigger between 1-3 times for different levels of sensitivity.
    • 1 - Highest Sensitivity
    • 2 - Standard Sensitivity
    • 3 - Low Sensitivity

Bump Fire Mode

  • Set the fire select to SAFE.
  • Pull the trigger and hold for 3 seconds to enter programming mode, and release when the motor makes a sound.
  • Pull the trigger three times and release to enter bump fire programming mode, release when the motor makes a sound.
  • Set the fire selector to semi-auto
  • Repeat the same process to disable bump fire

Reset to Default

  • Set the fire select to SAFE.
  • Pull the trigger and hold for 5 seconds to reset all settings.

To buy an airsoft weapon in the UK you must have a valid airsoft defence.

This is not a licence, it is basically just proof that you intend to buy an airsoft weapon for use in airsoft.

An airsoft defence could be a UKARA or membership with the British Airsoft Club, and various other forms of defence.

You can only obtain an airsoft defence once you are over the age of 18.

To get an airsoft defence the law is that you should play at least 3 games of airsoft, and that you must have been playing for at least two months.
You can still buy an airsoft gun without a defence, provided you are 18 or older. If you choose to do this we would, by law, two tone (paint in a bright colour) parts of your chosen weapon. This is because an airsoft gun is considered a RIF aka Realistic Imitation Firearm, because they are so close to the real steel, whereas when you paint parts of it in a bright colour it becomes an IF aka Imitation Firearm. The reason being that the bright colours make it look less realistic to the public, and therefor less likely to be mistaken as real, were it to be used for any other purpose than airsoft.

When you order a gun from us you will need to add your defence details in the comments section of the cart. If you do not have a defence you will need to write the colour that you wish to be used for two toning your airsoft weapon.

Here is what's stated in the VCRA (Violent Crime Reduction) Act:

For airsoft skirmishing, the Association of British Airsoft is putting in place arrangements to allow retailers to check that individual purchasers are members of a genuine skirmishing club or site. The key elements of these arrangements are:
1. new players must play at least 3 (three) times in a period of not less than two months before being offered membership
2. membership cards with a photograph and recognised format will be issued for production to retailers
3. A central database will be set up for retailers to cross-check a purchaser’s details
4. member’s entry on the database will be deleted if unused for 12 months.
The defence for airsoft skirmishing can apply to individual players because their purchase of realistic imitation firearms for this purpose is considered part of the “holding” of a skirmishing event.
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