Perun V3 Optical ETU Rear Wired


Perun V3 Optical ETU Rear Wired


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Perun V3 Optical Rear Wired

Perun V3 Optical is a device that replaces mechanical contacts in version 3 gearboxes with an electronic circuit based on MOSFET transistors and adds a multitude of new functions to your replica.

The elimination of mechanical contacts solves the problem of their gradual wear.

MOSFET transistors utilised in Perun V3 Optical have a much lower resistance than contacts, which also increases the rate of fire.

Small elements in the trigger mechanism responsible for semi-automatic fire frequently malfunction, especially in replicas built on parts made by many different manufacturers. Perun V3 Optical minimises the number of moving parts in your replica, increasing reliability and ensuring proper functioning of all firing modes. Perun V3 Optical itself has no moving parts at all thanks to the use of optical sensors for gear, trigger, and selector plate detection.


Use of a micro-controller enhances capabilities of your airsoft gun by providing the possibility to set any combination of the following firing modes under "SEMI" and "AUTO" selector positions independently:

  • Safe
  • Semi-automatic
  • 2 to 5 round burst
  • Full-automatic

Programming of all of the settings, not only firing modes but also switching active brake, pre-cocking and battery protection on and off is done solely by using easily memorable sequences of fire selector switching and trigger pulls. That allows changing the settings at any moment in a matter of seconds, even under enemy fire.

One of the most important features of Perun V3 Optical is pre-cocking. Fast trigger response can be a matter of victory or defeat, especially in CQB situations. With pre-cocking enabled, the piston will remain in rear position after each shot with spring already compressed, ensuring that the next shot will be fired immediately after you pull the trigger. Micro-controller uses data from the optical sensor to calculate the current sector gear position and speed. With this information, after releasing the trigger, smart algorithms are able to transfer only enough power to the motor to make the piston stop in the correct position, or in high ROF (Rate of Fire) setups, to let the motor inertia push the piston back and stop it using active braking right. This saves your battery and reduces motor wear. Pre-cocking works in semi, burst and full-automatic modes.

Perun V3 Optical has an active brake allowing to stop the motor after each shot. In the case of a double-shot problem in replicas with a high rate of fire, the active brake will be an effective solution if you do not want to use pre-cocking. It can also prevent compression of the main spring for a longer time if you will fire a shot with AB on before storing your replica for a longer time. The active brake can be switched on or off at any time in a few seconds.

Battery protection mode is dedicated to Li-Po batteries. Should the battery voltage fall to a dangerously low level, the user will be notified by short sound signals that are repeated every 30 seconds. This may also be freely switched on and off.

Double shot mode allows for easy double shots in the semi-automatic setting. After enabling this mode, if the semi-automatic fire is set, shots will be fired not only when the trigger is pressed, but also when it's released.

Perun V3 Optical is delivered with Muldental silicone wires, which are praised by airsoft techs and widely considered best for airsoft electric guns.

Thanks to the use of exceptionally efficient and powerful MOSFETs, the device can be used in replicas with any main spring. The maximum rate of fire is 50 RPS.


Perun V3 Optical was tested with a positive outcome in gearboxes of the following manufacturers: E&L, LCT, G&G, Ultimate, A&K, PJ, JG, Cyma.

Perun V3 Optical works well with DSG setups because optical sensors are not subject to mechanical stress seen in high ROF setups. Our tests have shown that in some DSG setups pre-cocking may be less reliable and has to be disabled. However, ROF provided by DSG makes use of pre-cocking rather unnecessary.

Be advised, that Perun V3 Optical will not fit gearboxes diverging from that standard, for example, ARES EFCS.

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To buy an airsoft weapon in the UK you must have a valid airsoft defence.

This is not a licence, it is basically just proof that you intend to buy an airsoft weapon for use in airsoft.

An airsoft defence could be a UKARA or membership with the British Airsoft Club, and various other forms of defence.

You can only obtain an airsoft defence once you are over the age of 18.

To get an airsoft defence the law is that you should play at least 3 games of airsoft, and that you must have been playing for at least two months.
You can still buy an airsoft gun without a defence, provided you are 18 or older. If you choose to do this we would, by law, two tone (paint in a bright colour) parts of your chosen weapon. This is because an airsoft gun is considered a RIF aka Realistic Imitation Firearm, because they are so close to the real steel, whereas when you paint parts of it in a bright colour it becomes an IF aka Imitation Firearm. The reason being that the bright colours make it look less realistic to the public, and therefor less likely to be mistaken as real, were it to be used for any other purpose than airsoft.

When you order a gun from us you will need to add your defence details in the comments section of the cart. If you do not have a defence you will need to write the colour that you wish to be used for two toning your airsoft weapon.

Here is what's stated in the VCRA (Violent Crime Reduction) Act:

For airsoft skirmishing, the Association of British Airsoft is putting in place arrangements to allow retailers to check that individual purchasers are members of a genuine skirmishing club or site. The key elements of these arrangements are:
1. new players must play at least 3 (three) times in a period of not less than two months before being offered membership
2. membership cards with a photograph and recognised format will be issued for production to retailers
3. A central database will be set up for retailers to cross-check a purchaser’s details
4. member’s entry on the database will be deleted if unused for 12 months.
The defence for airsoft skirmishing can apply to individual players because their purchase of realistic imitation firearms for this purpose is considered part of the “holding” of a skirmishing event.
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