S&T Kar98k Spring Powered (Real Wood)


S&T Kar98k Spring Powered (Real Wood)





S&T Kar98k Spring Powered (Real Wood)

The S&T Kar98k certainly lives up to S&T's sterling reputation as one of the best manufacturers of historical and rare Airsoft rifles.

Featuring even the most minor details, S&T have created a 1943 Kar98k replica with nothing left out. The metal on the rifle is finished in a very authentic manner, as is the stock, matching the compromises made during wartime production. The stock has a very thin coat of varnish to seal it, in line with the gradual reduction in quality of rifles made towards the close of WW2.

The metal finish is similar, replicating the transition made by Mauser and other manufacturers of the real deal to the more cost and time-effective processes. The incredible attention to detail is what sets this Kar98K apart from the rest.

Starting at the front of the rifle we find the front sight block, which is secured to the barrel using steel pins. The front sight itself consists of an adjustable barley-corn style front blade and folded steel sight protector, giving the rifle the authentic Kar98k silhouette. Beneath the front sight, we find the cleaning rod (for display only), the bayonet mount lug integrated into the left side of the front barrel band, and a sling loop on the left side of the second barrel band. All these parts are constructed from robust steel and alloy and are finished perfectly. The 25-inch barrel provides plenty of length for a long inner barrel, offering excellent accuracy, an attribute the real Kar98k is famous for. 

Moving towards the back of the rifle we come to the real wood stock and upper handguard, which displays stunning quality. This Kar98k provides an authentic "rushed into battle" look. The wood is strong and the woodwork is exceptional, imitating the shape of the real Kar98k stock precisely. The varnished finish is exactly right to seal the wood and protect it from moisture but not enough to make it mirror shine, which would neither be authentic nor conducive to making a good Airsoft sniper rifle.

There is an adjustable rear sight, which if you lift up, reveals the HOP adjustment grub screw. This is a brilliant design, with it being completely hidden under the rear sight and being a TDC design it will not be affected by the issues which affect slider-style hop-ups found on most bolt action spring rifles. 

Behind this is the barrel trunnion, complete with authentic but not offensive engraved trademarks. On the left side of the rifle, you will note the scope mounting apparatus, which is well placed and compatible with the S&T scope, or even a Picatinny rail adaptor should you chose to go the COD route with this rifle. The bolt is finished in a period-accurate grey-black and cycles smoothly, with the functional and true-to-life Kar-98k safety lever found above the dummy cocked indicator on the rear of the bolt.

Under the stock you'll find the magazine well, which is very well disguised to look like a real KAr98k integrated magazine baseplate, and which can be opened in order to insert the tiny 25rd magazine.

The trigger and guard are both made of metal and retain the same awesome surface finish as the other metal parts of the rifle. On the buttstock you can see some distinctly German features still present on many H&K rifles to this day. The sling loop goes through the stock itself, just like the real steel. Also present is a metal disc in the centre of the stock, which is used on the real Kar98k to disassemble the bolt and retain the firing pin. Rounding it off at the rear we can find the authentic mid-war folded steel butt plate, matching perfectly with the '43 markings on the barrel trunnion. 

Internally, the Kar 98k, it is no less impressive. Shooting at a competitive 375fps out the box, this Kar98k provides the range to match the look whilst still being easy to cock. The spring action bolt is smooth and fast to cycle when compared to other bolt action sniper rifles. With the weight being approximately 3.5kg, you don't have to be a gym dweller to carry this around for the day.


  • Real wood stock
  • Scope mount plate
  • Period-accurate replica
  • Incredible attention to detail 
  • Authentically finished metal parts
  • Two sling points for mounting a Kar98k Sling
  • Authentic Barley-corn and tangent sight combo
  • Consistent Spring bolt action
  • Small 25rd magazines take up hardly any space on your loadout


  • FPS: 375 approx. using 0.2g BBs
  • Weight: 3.5Kg
  • Length: 1.08cm
  • Material: Alloy and Real Wood
  • Hop Up: Adjustable

Package Includes:

  • 1 x S&T Kar98k Airsoft Weapon
  • 1 x 25rd Magazine
  • Barrel Cleaning / Unjamming rod

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    The defence for airsoft skirmishing can apply to individual players because their purchase of realistic imitation firearms for this purpose is considered part of the “holding” of a skirmishing event.
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