Tokyo Marui AKS74U Next Gen Recoil AEG Rifle

Tokyo Marui AKS74U Next Gen Recoil AEG Rifle



Tokyo Marui


Tokyo Marui - AKS74U Next Generation Recoil Shock A.E.G

The smallest model in the AK series with the barrel cut down to the limit! The AKS74U, a Soviet / Russian design from the 1970s. 


  • Shoot & Recoil Engine Installed: Pulling the trigger activates the bolt at the same time as firing, and the intense reaction generated inside the body is transmitted to the entire body.
  • Auto stop system stops the weapon firing when the magazine becomes empty.
  • Bolt release mechanism: Equipped with a bolt release mechanism that pulls the bolt handle to release the auto-stop.
  • Folding stock: With the stock lock button, you can store the stock in the downward direction of the main unit. You can use different styles depending on the situation, such as expanding the stock when you want to aim firmly and collapsing the stock when you need to emphasize mobility, such as in a CQB environment.
  • Adoption of metal parts: Including the lower receiver and parts of each part using die cast or pressed steel.
  • Adjustable front / rear site: The front site can be adjusted vertically and horizontally with the dedicated adjustment tool. In addition, at the rear site, just by changing the position of the slide bar, the plate-like site body is lifted, and the landing can be adjusted up and down.
  • Various muzzle options available: If you remove the muzzle protector of the muzzle, you can attach a muzzle option such as a silencer with a 14mm reverse screw specification.
  • Authentic resin magazine.


  • Full Length - 499 mm / 739 mm (at stock deployment)
  • Weight - 2,630 g (empty magazine, battery included)
  • Ammo Type - 6 mm BB (0.2 to 0.28 g)
  • Power Source - 8.4 V Nickel Hydrogen 1300 mAh Mini S Battery (* 1)
  • Ammo Capacity - 74 shots
  • Model Name - AKS74U
  • Type - Assault rifle

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