An Airsoft Kind of Christmas

An Airsoft Kind of Christmas

We've been working hard since Christmas. We have made some changes in the shop and rearranged some of our displays to make them even more exciting. We have a wall of Airsoft Rifles, Airsoft Snipers and Airsoft Shotguns. We also have a wall that displays Airsoft Pistols. We have stands in the centre of the shop displaying all our Airsoft Tac Gear such as Tac Vests, Trousers, UBACS, Softshell Jackets and so on. We have a display that's purely for Airsoft Eye Pro and Facemasks as we understand the importance of safety within the Airsoft community. We have a wall of Airsoft Gas and BB's suitable for both indoor and outdoor games. There's a lot to see and the best way would be to come in and visit us if you're near enough. If not you can shop with us online and if you have any questions regarding Airsoft whether it's Airsoft Sites, Airsoft Gear, Airsoft rules or anything else then we are ready and waiting to answer your messages or calls.

We have been putting a lot of time into developing our Airsoft site, The Prey Ground, and coming up with some new game ideas. We have even been working on more "bombs" to use during games to add extra effects. Feedback from our customers at the site tells us that you are loving having the props in-game and that it adds realism to the Airsoft skirmish so why not make more?!

We have also been working on a new venture, Bomb Up Vapes Ltd. We had a lot of customers asking us to sell e-liquid and vaping products so we listened and we made it happen. You can buy vape products from us by clicking here but remember you must be 18 or over!

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