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We get asked many questions by our customers, and are always happy to answer as many as we can (except the really weird ones!). Below we have chosen some of the questions most asked by beginner airsoft players and answered them as well as we can. Have a read, and if you want more information then feel free to get in touch and we'd be happy to help!

Most Common Airsoft Questions

My name is Nick, and I am the Manager of Bomb Up Airsoft & TTPC Ltd. If you've ever emailed, messaged, called or visited us then you've probably spoken to me before. At Bomb Up Airsoft I spend most of my time dealing with Customer queries and questions and thought it was about time I did a post answering our most frequently asked questions - so here we go!

Kayleigh's Kit List

I have been playing airsoft over 5 years and have worked in the industry for just over 2 years. At the shop we get regularly get asked what kit we use, and why it works for us. This is an overall summary of the kit I use, and the reason it works well for me.

Adams Kit List

My preferred chest rig is the Emerson Microfight with matching back panel which is very Modular with the velcro inserts and extenders for my radio and mags. In the back panel I store extra ammo and a first aid kit, which I don't need that often but is very useful when I do need it!
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