Back to Basics - Chapter 2 - Airsoft Essentials

Back to Basics - Chapter 2 - Airsoft Essentials

As an airsoft retailer, one of the questions we get asked the most by airsoft players, or those looking to become an airsoft player is "What do I need to play Airsoft?", and as we always say to those asking, Airsoft is more about what you want than what you need.

What do you need to play airsoft?

Airsoft offers countless options, and, in our opinion, they're all great options, but let's not get off track - you want to know what you need? Here goes...

First and foremost, let's talk about protection. Airsoft, as with many other sports, is not a sport without risks. The key thing is to make sure you understand these risks, and ensure you take steps to eliminate them. The absolute most important thing you need in airsoft is comprehensive, tried and tested eye protection. When it comes to eye protection you should not scrimp. It isn't overly expensive anyway and you really can't put a cost on your vision, but with certified options available from only £14.95 there really is no need for unbranded eBay specials.

WARQ Helmet

In Airsoft it is mandatory, which ever airsoft game site you choose to play at, and whether you choose to play in a CQB (close quarter battle) or outdoor game site, to wear eye protection, and if you are under 18 then it is mandatory that you wear full face protection.

Moving on, there are loads of things to consider when it comes to safety. Some prefer to wear gloves, or helmets. Some like to wear knee and elbow pads, and some prefer to run in shorts and t-shirts. This is entirely up to you, but do not forget your eye protection or you will not be permitted to play at any airsoft site.

Tactical gear is a popular point of discussion among new airsoft players as well as veterans, and many airsofters have more than one kit option in their airsoft wardrobe. Some of the more important pieces of kit are your boots and your Tac Vest, for various reasons.

A decent pair of boots doesn't just give you good traction whilst navigating your way around a bumpy airsoft site. One of the main reasons we recommend to all airsoft players to buy boots, is because they offer you ankle protection and give your ankles extra support and stability. When you are running across uneven terrain, such as an outdoor airsoft field, it is far easier than you'd think to twist an ankle, so wearing boots could just save you from a nasty ankle injury.

Airsoft boots

When it comes to your Tac Vest it isn't necessarily about safety for you, although it can shield your chest and back from those stingy shots. The thing we consider when making decisions around Tac Gear is which system would suit you, for ease of carrying and reloading weapons, as well as for keeping kit safe and secure - you would not believe how often players loose accessories, mags and even guns whilst in game. This can be devastating and is easily avoided by making sure you have decent Tac Gear.

Airsoft tac vest

Guns, guns, guns... The most exciting bit! We love guns. All kinds of them. We love Rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, SMGs, LMGs any and every airsoft gun is exciting in its own way. We will look at this in more detail on another post, but the thing to remember is that this is all down to you. What is your personal preference? Do you like the idea of finding a spot and plinking people one by one as a sniper? Do you like to go balls deep and get stuck in to the action? For more about your options when it comes to guns just keep an eye out for the next post!

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