FREE Range Day - Saturday 15th February 2020

FREE Range Day - Saturday 15th February 2020

This Saturday, the 15th of February, we held a free-range fun day – the aim was to beat the BUA stig at a man v man target game!

The MAN V MAN game is one of the many game modes on our Attack Sense Target System. This is a 2-player game. Each player had a max of 50 RDS in 2 mags (or one extended mag) the aim of the game was to hit your colour as many times as possible with the quickest time.

We had over 70 players come and give it go and our BUA pro was only beaten 7 times!

For the lucky 7 we had prizes – this was anything from sweets and free drinks to gift vouchers and even custom paint jobs for free.

We also had a huge 10% off ALL RIF’s instore and online to celebrate the occasion – everyone had the chance to be a winner!

We had a guest appearance from Finchy Finch who is the patch guru of airsoft. He brought a huge selection of patches as well as his new business venture Camo Cushions.

It was great to have Finchy and all the customers come and join in. From the feedback we received, we will be planning another one in the near future!


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