How Are You Coping?

How Are You Coping?

We have, like most people, been trying hard to find ways to entertain ourselves during the lockdown. We thought we could share some of our ideas so that others can have a go at them, and hopefully, they'll bring a bit of relief from the immense boredom we are all struggling with during Covid-19.

Here's a list of some things you could do to keep busy:

Do a garden makeover - with all the hot weather recently a lot of people have been spending time in the garden, whether making improvements, relaxing or playing with the kids, this is a good way to get some fresh air and entertain yourself (and the kids if you have them)

Have a spring clean - yes this is boring, and very few people enjoy cleaning but think if the satisfaction you'll get when it's done. Whilst we have no choice but to stay at home we also have no excuse not to do the spring cleaning!

Get crafty - Arts and crafts don't have to just be for children. Maybe you could try an adult colouring book (it's very therapeutic). Maybe you could build a model or learn to draw? There are so many options, the possibilities are endless!

Scrapbooking Covid-19 - Why not create a scrapbook of what you did during Covid-19? When we are all old and wrinkly, this will be a moment in history that our children and grandchildren will be very intrigued with. Take pictures every day and build a scrapbook with them so you can show your babies and grandbabies how you coped through the war against the virus!

Write a journal - As with the scrapbooking idea, writing a journal right now will make interesting reading in the future. Make a note each day of what you've been doing that day and keep the journal to show your kids and grandkids when they're older.

Get puzzling - Jigsaw puzzles are one of those things that we like the idea of but don't usually have time to do. Well, guess what, now is the time!

Get learning - There are so many online courses these days that you can literally learn anything! Why not sign up for an online course and spend your spare time learning a new skill?

There are so many ideas, too many to list, but if you have any ideas to add then add a comment with your suggestions to help us try and keep people entertained during this difficult time.

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