LMGs Yey or Ney?

LMGs Yey or Ney?

LMGs Yey or Ney?

From our point of view here at Bomb Up… LMGs are impressive!! We currently have three different models in store and online! So, I thought I would share some specs on each model with our Bomb Up Airsoft & PTC Airsoft Warrington customers!

These airsoft replica LMGs are all suitable for beginners and seasoned airsoft players alike.

Some elements in Specna Arms CORE™ light machine guns are made of polymer to reduce their weight and make the gun easier to manage. They come with a single box magazine that holds up to 2500 rounds!

These LMGs have the advantage of a quick-change spring system. This enables a rapid and quick adjustment of the power of the replicas to the conditions expected on the playing field without the need for access to a workshop or a set of special tools. The process of spring change lasts mere seconds – all that it requires is to take out a single pin, pull away the stock latch and take out the spring guide along with the spring through the opening in the gearbox frame.

So, what are the difference between the SA-249 MK1 and the SA-249 MK2 you might ask. Well, the internals are the same. The differences are all external. The MK1 comes with a skeletonised stock, whereas the MK2 comes with solid stock.

The MK1 has no heat shield, whereas the MK2 does. The flash hiders are slightly different and so to are the handguards. The hand guard on the MK2 has ridges for extra dexterity.

The MK1 is based off the 1980s/1990’s era, whereas the MK2 is more the 1990s/2000s era.

Moving forward to the modern day, we have the Specna Arms MK46. This is a more modular, tactical version of the 249. It has rails for days! Ample space for torches, sights, scopes, grips etc. You can go crazy! The MK46 has an adjustable stock and even the heat shield has picatinny rails on!


All three of these LMGs have a quick detach outer barrel, box magazine and foldable, steel bipod. Plus, you can use the traditional AR15 (STANAG) magazines if you prefer them to box mags. You cannot go wrong with a Specna Arms LMG.


It is important to note that none of the LMGs come with batteries, chargers, or BB’s. These items are all sold separately.




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