Smokes, Bangs & The Law

Smokes, Bangs & The Law

Smokes, Bangs & The Law


We all know how awesome smokes and bangs are when used during games. They add cover, take out multiple opponents and give the games that extra bit of realism and excitement.  But there are rules and laws in place to protect both you and the players around you.

We are often asked in store and especially at PTC, why under 18’s can’t buy or use the smokes or flash bangs that we sell. This is for a few reasons.

Number one -they are dangerous, when not used correctly, serious injuries can occur. The smokes get hot enough to start fires which is why we exercise extra caution at our PTC game site during the summer months. With that in mind, you can see how burns may occur and care must be taken to be use them correctly.

Number two – they are classed as pyrotechnics – AKA fireworks! Both the smoke grenades and any form of bang such as flash bangs, frag mags, E67s etc are classed as fireworks which must not be sold to or used by anyone under the age of 18 years old. Flash bangs, when used incorrectly can cause serious injuries.

And finally – as it is the law to not sell or provide under 18’s with pyrotechnics we must be seen to be upholding that law.

Over 18’s go for it! The use of smokes and bangs can add tonnes of fun to a game day – sorry kids!


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