2022 is off to a flying start!

2022 is off to a flying start!

2022 is off to a flying start! With lots of new deliveries and a new site we have been very busy here at Bomb Up.

Recently we have noticed an influx of new players to the airsoft scene. We wish them all a warm welcome to our airsoft community! Our staff are on hand through social media, email, over the phone and in store to answer any questions, offer advice and of course assist you with any purchases you wish to make, this goes for all our customers of course!

The newest product to our store is the Actech Bifrost tracer unit. They were released at the back end of 2021 and have been very popular for customers looking for something a little funky!

The Bifrost tracer unit is specifically designed for use with 14mm and 11mm muzzle thread. It comes with M14- to M11+ adaptor, so there is no additional expense having to purchase one separately. The bifrost RPS is up to 35 rounds per second. For further specifications clink on the link below.


Introducing Phoenix, Total Combat.

Our new site is in Rixton, Warrington and is just 20 minutes away from our store. Phoenix is an outdoors game site of approximately 7 acres of varying terrains, with areas of woodland, CQB and buildings.

Our first game day was a huge success. We had over 60 players, all varying in ages, abilities, and skill sets. The team work and camaraderie on the day was spot on!

The site is run by an experienced team of marshals with onsite tech, first aid, shop, site support and even our own media team! With a brief but detailed safety brief at the start of the day, and a short explanation of the challenge ahead of each game, we aim to have you out in the field for as much of the day as possible, with short times between games to refill and a decent break for lunch, what more could you want from a game day!


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