Tokyo Marui Madness

Tokyo Marui Madness

It's not all in the blue ribbon! We know, that's hard to believe - but there really is more to TM than fancy packaging.

Tokyo Marui is a Japanese manufacturer of airsoft guns, famous for the outstanding quality and reliability of their battery powered airsoft gun designs. They were the first company to introduce electric airsoft guns to the market in 1992, which are now known as AEGs (automatic electric gun).

One of the most exciting developments from Tokyo Marui is their new Next Gen Recoil system, which adds even more realism to the shooting experience for any player lucky enough to get their hands on a TM. This system simultaneously activates weights inside the weapon which produce an intense recoil throughout the gun upon each trigger pull.

Another of our most popular Tokyo Marui products is their gas blowback pistols. Unrivalled for their reliability and consistency it is easy to see why TM airsoft weapons are so popular across the airsoft market worldwide.

Tokyo Marui is not a cheap brand, but the quality, consistency and realistic design of their airsoft replicas are certainly worth the price.

Click here for more information on our Tokyo Marui range of products.

Alternatively you can click on one of the images below to go straight to the product page for some of our current most popular Tokyo Marui AEGs and Pistols!

Tokyo Marui TMP7 AEG / AEP

Tokyo Marui FNX-45 Tactical GBB Pistol - Black

Tokyo Marui Scar-L MK16 MOD0 Recoil - Tan

Tokyo Marui Scar-H Next Gen Recoil - Black

Tokyo Marui HK416 D Next Gen Recoil - Black

Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod1 Next Gen Recoil AEG Rifle - Tan

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