Adams Kit List

Adams Kit List


NAME: Adam Shenton
ROLE: Assistant Manager
AGE: 32
HEIGHT: 6 ft 5 inches


Adam Airsoft Kit List


Now for the important bit... starting from the top, I wear a seal team cap when playing outdoors, or a Crye Airframe clone for indoors.

I use the Nuprol Comms Headset to communicate with my team (and protecting my ears!), which works perfectly with my Baofeng UV51 Radio and ZTac PTT (Push To Talk).

My preferred chest rig is the Emerson Microfight with matching back panel which is very Modular with the velcro inserts and extenders for my radio and mags. In the back panel I store extra ammo and a first aid kit, which I don't need that often but is very useful when I do need it!


Airsoft Pouches


Another pouch I have is the all important dump pouch, which is a convenient place to store spent mags when it comes to reloading, as it avoids getting a mag out of your mag pouches only to find it's already empty. Any experienced player will know that this happens to the best of us.

I also use a Kombat UK Small Utility Pouch, which, thanks to it's zip closure, is great for storing the little bits and bobs that you don't want to risk losing.

When it comes to clothing you can wear whatever is comfortable, but I prefer to wear combat pants, with matching UBACS (Under Body Armour Combat Shirt), and comfortable and supportive boots. The only thing I would say it an absolute essential is the boots, as the supportive fitting has saved my ankles on more than one occasion!

Without exception, the most important piece of any kit is the eye pro. This is the one thing that you should absolutely not take any chances with - in other words, no eBay specials! My eye pro has interchangable lenses which makes them perfect for any situation whether playing indoors or outdoors.


Bolle Tactical Glasses


Now for the guns... my primary is currently a VFC Saber Carbine with internal and external upgrades, as well as a custom worn paint job. My side arm is a WE Airsoft Glock with Nuprol NX400 torch and Aim-O Red Dot Sight attached.

In addition to my primary and side arm I also have a Support Gun which is a very fun gun to use, though not ideal in all scenarios. The main aim for my kit is for it to be as comfortable, lightweight and convenient as possible to suit my needs for both indoor and outdoor airsoft sites.

I hope you have found this useful and don't forget, if you have any questions at all you can message us through Facebook, Instagram or Email, or contact us by phone, and we will be happy to help 🙂

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