Airsoft Skirmish Coming Soon

Airsoft Skirmish Coming Soon

A fresh start to our blog is underway, as you can probably see, so sit back and relax.

To begin, we are working hard on the development of our website and online presence to help further our reaches to lands far and wide. Here at Bomb Up Airsoft & TTPC LTD, we strive to be the best and provide an excellent service to all. We want to branch out and reach people all over the UK and what better way than to keep you all updated on what's new on our end! 

It is a rather fresh start to the day with snow on the ground and frost causing some difficulties on the road but the team is safely in the office, huddling around the heater to keep warm. Brews at hand, we have started the day by working on orders both in-store and online. As we get fired up, we move on to social media and replying to the plentiful amount of emails, messages, and comments all over the show. 

A few small deliveries have come in, like gun bags and scopes from a company we have not used much in the past as a sort of trial. The quality is excellent and is for sale at a very reasonable price so let's see what our customers think over the next week or so. 

Matt is currently working on a little project for The Prey Ground, a site we run in collaboration with Owls Hoot Target Club. Without giving too much away, the project is set to BOOM at our next event on Sunday 17th December. 

Anyway, the blog will slowly come together over the next few weeks with a number of posts being uploaded every week. Keep your eyes peeled!

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