Face Protection

Face Protection

What face protection do you prefer? So many people prefer different face protection for different reasons. The UK Law stipulates that anyone under the age of 18 years old they must wear full face protection but that doesn’t mean they are limited to one style or type of face protection. The choices for under 18s can be in either a full-face mask such as a HK Army mask, DYE mask or one of the Valken MI-7. Or alternatively they can wear a lower face mask such as the Kombat Recon Face Masks, or a Delta Mike. These would only be suitable for an under 18 IF they fit securely with a pair of goggles. We would recommend Riley's as they are well made, good value eye protection, and there is a large range to choose from. 

Moving on to the adults! As grown -ups we have more choices because our own safety is our responsibility! The law only stipulates that you, as an adult MUST wear suitable eye protection that has a ballistic rating to prove that they are safe to use in the presence of any RIFS. This applies both at a game site, indoors and outdoors but also applies to using a shooting range as the BB’s can and often will bounce back and one to the eye could cause blindness.

As an adult you can wear just the eye pro, but we do advise some form of lower face protection, you need to look after your teeth, and I have also had to assist more than one ‘BB stuck in a players nose’ over the past year!

Many adults find the full-face masks restricting, but they are perfectly suitable, or if you would rather, you could also go for something lower face such as a recon mask, delta mike or even just a snood to help reduce the impact of BB’s hitting your face. We do not recommend mesh goggles or glasses due to the potential for BB's splinters to penetrate the mesh if someone is using cheap BBs.

I can’t speak for other game sites but can assure you that at PTC Airsoft Warrington, all players will always be reminded during safety briefs about the importance of wearing eye protection and the penalties of taking it off in the game zone. The same applies to Range use and at our Time Trials Pistol Club on Tuesday evenings.

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