New Airsoft Guns

New Airsoft Guns

First of all, we have a brand new ASG shop in shop. We now stock Scorpion Evo airsoft guns, ASG magazines and parts in-store and online. We also have all the ASG consumables such as BBs in every weight, Ultrair gas and airsoft maintenance supplies.  We also have a full and varied range of other airsoft rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns and more. All our products from Airsoft guns to Airsoft accessories are reasonably priced so even beginners on a budget can have the best kit! Our staff will assist you in-store, helping you decide what’s right for you, which airsoft gun is the best fit for you and which tac gear is most appropriate.

At Bomb Up Airsoft we are also an official VFC dealer! VFC’s are incredible weapons, not only because they look great but also because they are phenomenal internally. This has been a fantastic addition to the shop. We have a great range in stock which continues to grow weekly. We also now have access to all the repairs and upgrades parts. Making us a one-stop-shop for VFC too!

But that’s not all!

We are proud to introduce Arthurian airsoft rifles, for which we are also an official dealer. These airsoft rifles are built in the UK and they really are a thing of beauty. Arthurian currently has five airsoft RIF’S in the range, with more to come, and the quality is outstanding. They are slowly releasing new ranges which will also be in-store and online as soon as they are released.

Last but not least… WE HAVE CLAWGEAR!

This is great news for the advance airsoft players who want high end, quality airsoft Tac Gear. We currently stock the Operator range and are constantly adding new lines to grow the range we stock. The little added features to the combat pants are great. They even have secret mag pouches! The fabric that Claw Gear use is fantastic, it's so strong and durable.

So with all this new stock the shop also got a makeover!
We now have a few feature walls in-store, all designed around the amazing products we now stock. Come and check out the new design of the shop!

Don’t forget all of this is available online at

Also check out what other products ASG, VFC, Arthurian airsoft & Clawgear do! We can order anything you see on the following websites –

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