The ExSite Airsoft Site Review

The ExSite Airsoft Site Review

Where is the site?

The site is in Mold, Ffordd Maeshafan, CH7 4DW

How much did you pay to play airsoft? What was included?

We paid £20 to play at this airsoft site which I believe is the fee for members. This covered our green fee and for an extra £1 we could get a hot dog. Money raised from the hot dogs is donated to the air ambulance charity.

What did you think about the safe zone and the safety brief?
The safe zone is basically the car park, so you set up from your car (like most sites). The safe zone also has benches out if anyone wants to lay their gear out. One thing we did like about the safe zone they had separate huts for signing in, buying bits and bobs and where food is available. They also have proper on-site toilets, which is always good!

What game modes did you play?

The first half of the day was based around attack and defend games, breaching buildings and king of the hill. In this game, we used the smallest part of the site. It wasn’t small at all. Kayleigh and Adam both used ASG Scorpion Evo’s and they did really well standing up to the wind. Fillan used his VFC MK18 and the range he got in the typical British weather was incredible. Our guys are all currently wearing Clawgear Operator Pants and they are all very impressed, not only with the quality of them but also the comfortability.

 After dinner, we played a full mini half-day MilSim. This was played over a huge area of the site.  The size of this airsoft site really does allow for so many different types of gameplay.

What did you like about the site?

The size - I can’t imagine how great that is going to be in the summer. The view from the peak of the site was amazing!  Money can’t buy that view. The cover they have built on the site for all the different styles of airsoft gameplay is great too. Unfortunately, the wind and weather have damaged parts of the site but the guys there are constantly working to build (and re-build) plenty of new structures to act as cover for airsoft gameplay.

What didn’t you like about the site?

The only thing we could think of is the hills… but that’s Wales for you!

Huge Thanks to the team at The ExSite for having us. We will be back!

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