No Defence? No Problem!

No Defence? No Problem!

If you are anything like us then when it comes to Airsoft, patience is not a virtue you possess... And that's ok!

At Bomb Up Airsoft we offer a free "two toning" service, which means that, rather than waiting for your defence to arrive, and waiting for two months to qualify, you can buy any of our weapons - and we will two tone it for you for FREE!

Not only is this a free service, we even give you a choice of colours including blue, green, red, orange, pink, purple and yellow! The only catch is that you still have to be over 18 - there's nothing we can do about that.

Unlike some airsoft retailers we will not restrict your options in terms of the weapons you can choose. You can choose any of the weapons we have and we will have our War Painter two tone it for you, so you can get started straight away with your own weapon.

If you would like to purchase an airsoft weapon online and require it to be two toned then, during checkout, when asked for your defence, simply type "two tone blue" or whatever colour you'd like the weapon to be two toned in. We will two tone the weapon for you and send it out to you on the delivery service you select - Easy Peasy!

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