PTC Merch Update!

PTC Merch Update!

PTC merch is on the way. The team have been researching, designing and developing ideas over the last few weeks with so many ideas put in and out of the ‘let’s do it’ pile!

So far we have decided to stock patches, T-shirts with the PTC logo, travel mugs for those frosty mornings, car transfer stickers and of course stickers for you to proudly display on your hardcases!

The T-shirts will come in a variety of sizes and colours to hopefully suit everyone’s needs while keeping with the military colour themes (sorry no plans for neon pink just yet!) As soon as we are all set to begin selling our new merchandise posts will go up on Facebook, Instagram and our website, so keep an eye out.

If anyone has any ideas they would like to share, we do as always, appreciate customer suggestions.

We appreciate all of the support our customers and friends give us here at Bomb Up and at PTC and we hope that you will use/wear our merch with pride!

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