SAS Loadout Style

SAS Loadout Style

What is your loadout style?

As many of you may know, I am still learning all about the different aspects of Airsoft. So this week I have a question for you? What is your loadout style? I have done some research and there are so many to choose from! Therefore, I will be looking at a different loadout style each week for the next few weeks, giving you a brief run down of what I have learnt about what is needed for each loadout style.

First up let’s look at SAS. The SAS style compromises of all black clothing, tac gear and face protection. We have a few regulars who are very much into their SAS type loadouts.

The typical SAS loadout consists of:

  • A black or BTP black combat shirt or even just a long or short sleeved T-shirt (depending on your budget and preference)
  • Combat trousers with knee pads if you want to go all out.
  • Boots – an essential for any air softer in my opinion.
  • Eye protection – essential by law
  • Balaclava – good protection for your neck and ears!
  • Black gloves keep them hands safe. If you know, you know, being shot to the finger is way more painful that you would think!
  • Black tactical vest to carry admin pouches and MP5 magazine holders
  • Belt used to carry your side arm and dump pouch.
  • A gas mask is a bonus, but you must ensure that you wear the correct safety glasses underneath to protect your eyes as gas masks most likely won’t be up to the job.

If you wanted to complete the current SAS look you would probably want to run with a HK MP5 as your primary and a Glock 17 as your secondary weapon of choice. Again, all of this comes down to suiting your budget and personal preference. If this is a look you would like to go for pop into our store and we will happily assist you with your loadout style. 



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