Shop Re-Vamp at BUA - Friday 21st February

Shop Re-Vamp at BUA - Friday 21st February

This week we have decided to revamp some key areas of the shop.

Since we changed the layout and opened a huge space, we have been racking our brains about what to do with it. We now have a purpose-built tac area that’s double the size! We have a wall full of rigs, belts and plate carriers for you to choose from, and a variety of colours, some standard and some new.

We have revamped and moved our Emerson Gear wall. Now Featuring BUA Barry in full seal team kit. Emerson Gear comes in 10+ colours of different camo with a vast size range to suit all.

We have also moved all the patches and accessories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for – if you can’t find something just ask!

Carrying on with the re-jig of the shop the Arthurian castle has been flat packed and used elsewhere to make more shop floor space. The Arthurian Range now has a dedicated wall that showcases everything a modern-day knight might need.

The old tac area is now being used as a purpose build chill/bomb up area for range days, TTPC and parties. We have put more benches in to upgrade from the fold-up tables and have plans to add some seating.

If there is anything you think would be useful to place in the Chill area, please let us know! We are always looking for good ideas!

We have some more renovations planned in the future so keep an eye out for anything new!

Pop in to see us and check out all things new!


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