TTPC Update - 23rd February 2020

TTPC Update - 23rd February 2020

TTPC (Time Trial Pistol Club) is held, in-store, every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm until 10pm. This is a weekly shooting range competition using our technologically advanced Attack Sense Target System.

To take part in TTPC you can book in-store or online (using this link) for only £10 plus £5 if you wish to take advantage of our hire package. There are various game modes throughout the night and there are always prizes to be won!

We run 3 game modes (which get changed regularly). According to feedback from our regular players, the most popular game modes include:

Shooting Gallery – How many red targets can you shoot in the set time? The system puts your scores into a leader board. It can record hits, speed and even average reaction time.

Man V Man - This is a classic of ours and is a two-player game. Each player has a maximum of 50 rounds in 2 mags (or one extended mag). The aim of the game is to hit your colour as many times as you can in a set time. The player with the best scores wins, and as this is recorded automatically by our Attack Sense Target System there is no need to worry about discrepancies.

Paper targets – This is another one of our simple yet much-loved classics. An A4 paper target is hung in the range for each player. The targets have different score zones, and the aim is to get as many shots as possible in the highest-scoring zones. Once completed all the targets will be tallied and the player with the highest score wins. We have recently changed the way we run this game mode so that every week has a different target, which means that no one has an advantage in terms of learning the optimum shooting. Even regular customers can’t keep up some weeks!

 We offer free and unlimited hot drinks, so feel free to brings your kids while the grown-ups (Lots of laughing) sit and chat. We have just started work on a new chill/bomb up area for TTPC where we will be adding plenty of seats for those parents that bring kids but don't take part.


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