Expansions, Updates, Mental Health and Biff Hugs!

Expansions, Updates, Mental Health and Biff Hugs!


 One of the things we have been focused on recently is expanding the stock range that we offer to our customers. Our tac gear has moved to a new section of the shop so is now a bigger area. We have a wide range of Emerson Gear with a plethora of different colours available.

 Another thing we have improved is the guns we stock. We are working hard on trying to bring you new and exciting things first. We have had some really cool stuff recently and it is flying off the shelves. Keep scrolling for pictures and videos of some of our favourite things.

 On a separate note, we are working on improving our social media presence. We love our customers and want to make sure we stay in touch, so we are trying to be more proactive in answering questions and making sure we keep you all in the loop.

 To us, airsoft is a community, and it’s a community that we are proud of. Airsoft has helped every member of our staff to tackle and overcome mental health issues more than once, for that reason we will always have immense love and respect for the community. Recently there’s been a lot of talk about mental health and the effect that it’s having on us as a society. We want you to know that we understand. We can’t offer professional services or medical advice, but we can offer a listening ear, a free brew, and even a hug (off Biff) if you need one.

 Lately, with the Coronavirus outbreak, we know that some people are struggling, so we just wanted to remind you that we are here. Regardless of the reasoning behind it we love hearing from you so if you have any suggestions, comments, concerns or even just free time on your hands then get in touch!

Oh oh oh...

Bomb Up Tac Area

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