Kayleigh's Kit List

Kayleigh's Kit List


NAME: Kayleigh Shenton
ROLE: Shop Assistant
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5 ft 1 inches

Kayleigh's Airsoft Kit

Hi, my name is Kayleigh and I'm a staff member at Bomb Up Airsoft. You may not know me as I've been off on maternity leave, but am looking forward to returning to work when we can reopen the shop!

Kayleigh and Bert

I have been playing airsoft over 5 years and have worked in the industry for just over 2 years. At the shop we get regularly get asked what kit we use, and why it works for us. This is an overall summary of the kit I use, and the reason it works well for me.

I'll start with my feet and work upwards - Boots. I can not stress how important a decent pair of boots is. When navigating uneven terrain, making sure your ankles are protected is imperative. Along with my boots I wear a pair of Kombat UK Boot Socks. They are quite thick so they keep your feet warm as well as increasing the comfortability of wearing boots. The Kombat UK socks aren't expensive, and they're long lasting.

Airsoft Boots

Moving onto trousers, I wear Emerson Gear Multicam G3 combat pants. Not only are they comfy but they also come with knee pads that can be removed for when they need washing. The knee pads save your knees when in a kneeling position, and also protect your knee caps from those unexpected shots. Another reason I like the Emerson Gear combat pants is that they fit me better, as I'm slightly curvier. Most other combats always seem to be too big or too small!

Emerson G3 Combat Pants

For my top half I wear an under armour layer for the cold English weather and pretty much any airsoft related hoodie I can find in my wardrobe. For the summer months I have an Emerson UBACS top in the same Multicam pattern as my pants. This is because the Emerson Gear UBACS are breathable and help me to keep cool in the warmer weather, without me having to play with bare arms!

Emerson G3 combat shirt

My preferred chest rig works well for me as it is fully adjustable and can be pulled tight for the perfect fit. My chest rig has full Molle panels, making it easy to switch pouches round depending which RIF I'm using at the time. I use various pouches such as mag pouches, utility pouches and grenade holsters. I think it works with every colour too, so whichever colour of hoodie I wear it still looks cool!

For my face and head I prefer a full face protection, such as a WARQ helmet or a Dye I4 mask. This is because they fit well over my glasses and don't steam up, keeping your vision clear. This is an important quality, especially in hot weather, it also saves my face from headshots. I never play without a shemagh or snood for my neck too, I hate being shot in the neck!

airsoft scarf

Another piece of protective equipment I use are my trusted Mechanix gloves, which are available in all colours and sizes, making them a great choice for any size hands. I also take a 1 and 2 point sling to every game with me, so I can chop and change depending what type of game we are playing, and which RIF I am using.

Now for the exciting bit - Weapons. For my primary I run a G&G APR9 with a drum mag - less reloading for those of us that are lazy! I love the compact size of the ARP9, as well as the lightweight build and rate of fire. The G&G ARP9 is an especially popular choice for CQB sites, as they are easy to run with and navigate round tight spaces.

airsoft guns

My sidearm is the legendary WE 3.8 Hi-Capa. I love my little pistol as it's not too big for my hands, and it fits easily in to a variety of pouches and pockets, but is definitely best kept in a holster to avoid losing it in game. The WE 3.8 Hi Capa is a gas blowback pistol, with a satisfying crack and realistic feel. As with all WE Airsoft pistols, the Hi-Capa 3.8 has a sturdy construction and is reliable and consistent.

That just about sums up my kit - thanks for taking the time to read my review and feel free to ask any questions - we would be happy to help!

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