Loadout Style - The Cartel Look

Loadout Style - The Cartel Look

What’s your loadout style?

This week I have been learning about the Cartel style.

The Cartel style compromises usually of fairly minimal tactical gear and face protection. We have a few visitors to the shop and site who enjoy playing in this kind of style because they don’t have to go all out and spend lots to create the look.

Good examples of RIFS to suit this style of loadout include; a Real Wood or Wood Effect AK47 carbine, an M16 or an AR-15  and a Glock 17 is a great side arm, or for a quirky touch – “The Drug Lord” by WE would be a great side piece.

The typical Cartel loadout consists of:

  • A checked shirt with vest or T-shirt underneath.
  • Jeans
  • Brown boots – an essential for any air softer, in my opinion.
  • Eye protection – essential by law.
  • Radios/ earpiece (even if just for show and not to use as a team)
  • A pair of gloves.
  • A tactical vest to carry extra mags.
  • Belt used to carry your side arm and dump pouch.
  • A shemagh and back to front baseball cap completes the look if that is what you are in to.
  • A good bonus would be a Delta Mike to protect your teeth!

If this is a look you would like to go for pop into our store and we will happily assist you with your loadout style. 








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