PTC Hoodies are here!

PTC Hoodies are here!

We can finally reveal the PTC Merch hoodies! 

The long awaited hoodies are currently available in Black, with the site logo in matt black on the front and back. We have pre-ordering in place should you wish to order yourself one. We are also giving you the opportunity to have your name or call sign added to your hoody. This is such a cool addition to any attire but especially to a PTC hoody! 

Chantelle has modelled one for you to see to give you an idea of how it looks in real life. (She was feeling a little shy!)

                                                                                To Pre-Order your PTC Hoody click on the link below:

More PTC Merch is yet to come but it is really humbling to see how many of our customers have already pre-ordered our merch, so many thanks, in advance, for your purchases and for your continued support. 

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