Valentines and Airsoft can go together!

Valentines and Airsoft can go together!

What better way to introduce your partner to your favourite hobby other than through the experience of a game day at PTC Airsoft Warrington! Who needs hearts and flowers when you’ve got guns and BBs!

You can guarantee that you will have more fun running around shooting the enemy together! What a great team you would make! If that doesn’t sound like something your partner would like to do you could always bring her along to Pistol Club on Tuesday night! After all that is Valentine’s Day!

To mark the occasion, we will be taking selfies with hearts and flowers on the evening and enjoying valentines treats courtesy of the team!

Time Trials Pistol Club runs every Tuesday evening – 6:30pm until 10pm. There are chances to win prizes on the night plus everyone who pays to play gets automatically entered in to our monthly prize draw you’ve got to play to be in with a chance to win!

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