Stay Hydrated!

Stay Hydrated!

Summer is on its way and we've had some scorching play days already this year. One thing that is an essential at game days no matter the weather - is to stay hydrated! The last thing you want is to be keeling over mid game due to being hot, sweaty and dehydrated. 

So with that in mind here are a few options for storing your water, juice, pop and  monster cans during play.

Lets start with the flasks. For those of us who can drink Tea and Coffee come rain or shine, we have, in stock, the Ammo Pouch Flasks. These hold around 330ml, so round the same size as a can of Coke and funnily enough, they are designed so they fit in an ammo pouch but a pouch such as a splitter pouch would do the trick!

Next we have the Aluminium Water Bottles. These come in two sizes. The smaller size is the 500ml bottle and the larger size is the 1L bottle. These water bottles are especially good because they have a small carabiner clip in the lid so you can clip it to your rig keeping your drink close at hand. 

If however you want to be able to shoot, run and drink at the same time. Then a hydration pack is what you will be wanting to invest in. Kombat UKs Aqua Bladder Hydration Pack is a bargain for keeping you hydrated on the go. This hydration pack holds up to 2L of water! It comes with two straps so you can wear it like a backpack or you could attach it to your rig. 

Of course you can always just carry your drinks as they are on your person too, but if you are anything like me you will either lose it in the first five minutes or drop it and have it pour out or splash up all over you! There are lots of ways to carry your drinks during game day, just remember to stay hydrated, and maybe invest in a baseball cap to keep the sun off your head! 

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